Can you do custom engraving on a knife?

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Yes we can do custom engraving, with some limitations:

  • we engrave only our own products
  • we charge extra for engraving.
  • we deep engrave with a fiber laser, on the blade only (not handle). The idea is that the engraving is a few thousandths of an inch deep so that it will not wear off. On most models we engrave the right face of the blade opposite our logo.
  • The maximum amount of engraving is a few words. Logos and other symbols are also possible depending on complexity. If you have something complex in mind, please contact us before you order and we’ll advise if we can do your engraving on the model you are thinking of purchasing.
  • We can engrave most standard Windows and true type fonts. Examples in the photo below (click to enlarge). If you want to engrave your own artwork or font, we can probably do it but you would have to contact us with specifics. We will let you know if the complexity warrants additional charges.
  • To place a web order with engraving, put your knife in the cart and be sure to add the engraving fee to your order. On the checkout page in the order notes field, provide details of what you want engraved. If you have a file containing your artwork, we’ll get you to email it to us once you place the order. We will send you a proof CAD drawing of the engraving on the blade and get your final approval. Then we’ll go ahead with the work. It depends on what you’ve ordered and on our workflow, but we can usually turn your order around within a few business days.