We always like product reviews and user testimonials

Though we welcome customers to write short product reviews on the appropriate product page, sometimes they just spontaneously contact us with testimonials. Here is what they’re saying.

What North Arm knife owners had to say


This came from a customer in Saskatchewan regarding his recently arrived Skaha II folder (March 2020)

Hi Mike/John,

I just received the knife and it is perfect in every way. I read some earlier comments regarding some slight improvements being suggested and obviously you have carried out the minor changes to improve the knife. Thanks and l will probably need to get back on your list to order a couple more as a gift to 2 sons. Thanks again for producing and offering a high quality pocket folder right here in western Canada. It joins a hunting and fillet knife that l got from you a couple years back.

Rod D. 


Mike sent us this email after receiving his Lynx.  September 2018

Good morning,
I just recieved my Lynx and I have to say job well done guys!! Absolutely beautiful! Feels amazing and great fit and finish. I can not wait to use it!  Though it’s so nice it will be hard to use it lol. 
We’ll just wanted to let you know I’m very happy with it and keep doing what your doing!
P.s I posted it on one of my groups in FB and people were drooling over it lol. Have a great day guys!!



Kurt R. Sent us this nice note. September 2018

These knives are absolutely incredible!! And I have owned knives worth $2000-$4000 each. The action on the Skhaha II is a work of art and as knife lover, engineer, and owner of a sharpening business…I couldn’t be
prouder to own this blade. Well done you guys!!


John from florida sent us this note after receiving his cosmetic second paring knife. September 2018

Good Evening to all there at North Arm Knives…

Just a note of thanks for the beautiful paring knife that arrived today!  Wow!!! that was amazingly fast shipping.
To come all that way from Canada to Florida in just one day ! Hard to believe.  Thank you. The knife is great.
All the best to you fine folks….. enjoy.  I will show off this beauty and try to inform some new customers to the
benefits of your excellent knives.

Take care, John


Nick sent us this quick note after receiving his custom engraved santoku. July 2018

Just wanted to say the knife looks amazing! Can’t wait to give it to a good friend of mine on his wedding day! You guys rock! 


Kenneth sent us this quick note after receiving his chef’s knife and santoku. North Dakota, USA February 2018

I received my Alder and Sitka yesterday! I just tried the Sitka on a cucumber all I can say is amazing!!! Goes through with no effort! Unbelievable! Amazing knives!!! Can’t wait for the Skaha ?


This post by deltawaterfowler came in January 3 2018:

Got my Lynx hunting knife for Christmas this year from the family. Absolutely love it! The quality and craftsmanship is absolutely amazing. This will be one of those pieces that will get passed down to the kids and should last me a lifetime. Thanks for the great product!


A customer just let us know that he made an order for our 6″ Kermode fillet knife at least partly based on this thread at sportfishingbc.com, Sep 20 2017


We received this by email on Aug 17 2017:

I wanted to thank you for the beautiful knives. I used the chef knife for the first time tonight for the simple task of slicing a smoked duck breast. The knife is so sharp and balanced and it cut effortlessly. I’m so glad I found your handmade knives. Haven’t used the filet knife yet but I’m sure I will be equally pleased.
Warm regards,
Krishan C. (Mountain View CA)


This was a post by woodson on the forum 24hourcampfire.com on June 21, 2017

North Arm knives is a father and son outfit out of BC. After seeing some of their work and reading lots of reviews I decided to order one of their “Skaha” folders. They CNC mill everything and heat treat in house.

I wasn’t a flipper guy but this Skaha is a well thought out and executed folder. Blade is nice and thin, deployment is flawless, detent is stronger than necessary and just looks good. For the $$$ I would totally recommend you guys check them out. Very pleased with mine.


HuntingBC forum user charlie_horse made this post on June 11, 2017

Your fillet knives are hands down the best I’ve used.

HuntingBC forum user SRUPP made this post on June 11, 2017

Congrats on the upgrade. Have had so many guys literally demand to try your fillet knife. All are super impressed with the design, and the materials.. As well as sharpness. I always say, “yes i keep it sharp but the knife allows me to get it and keep it sharp.”


Bladeforums user Bmurray made this post April 16 2017 about our his north arm products.

Absolutely phenomenal knives. I own 5 different models and they are great designs and excellent quality. Also as a bonus, these guys are great guys to work with and buy from.


Bladeforums user Mike157 made this post April 16 2017 about our his Skaha folding knife.

I took delivery of one of these late last year. I have carried and used it (I will admit, I am a light user) regularly since then. It is really a great knife. It is very light and the fit and finish is excellent, as it is with all of the North Arm Knives. The blade’s edge came very cleanly finished and razor sharp. The mechanical tolerances must be dialed in perfectly because though I’m not a habitual flipper, this knife flips faster and more smoothly than many of my “more expensive” knives. Mike

Bladeforums user ChazzyP made this post April 9 2017 about our his Skaha folding knife.

The Skaha is an excellent little folder. I’m probably misleading with that description as 3.3″ is not really small at all, but my preferred carry size is in the 3.5-4″ range. This is actually a good-sized knife, but its incredibly light weight makes it almost unnoticeable in pocket.

Grapeshot posted an excellent review of the Skaha a ways back that was unfortunately trolled, moved, and subsequently closed. My own two cents is that this is a very well-designed/-built knife with excellent F&F and premium materials. S35VN is a favorite steel of mine and this blade came with a super sharp and refined edge. The flipping action is effortless and foolproof and the blade free-drops and closes under its own weight–just amazing for such a light piece. The CNC milling lines on the blade give it an attractive look and actually help the knife slip through material by reducing contact area.

I originally bought mine as I have a family connection to BC through the Burnaby area, where the knife is made, the Okanagan, Skaha meaning dog in that area’s native language, and to the Frazier river, of which the North Arm is a branch. I’m glad of that, as it led me to pick up this sweet addition to my collection and carry rotation.

Bladeforums user woodysone made this post April 7 2017 about our his Skaha folding knife.

I have one of thes and have to say that fit and finish is great! Very light weight and thin slicer blade. Steps on the blade don’t allow stuff to stick. Perfect style blade for EDC. Great job on these and nice price point for what you are offering.

We received the following comment via email from a customer on April 14, 2016, the day after his Skaha folder arrived:

Hey there. Just wanted to drop a line saying how nice this knife is. I think it is an incredible bargain. I mostly have South American knives, but I had to see what a 150USD knife made in Canada would be like. I am extremely impressed. Out of the box the action was terrific, the blade is very sharp, and everything feels right. No adjustments necessary! Keep up the great work!

Mike W., Brooklyn NY


Bladeforums user Greenberg Woods made this post April 5 2017 about our Salal and Trillium knives he bought as gifts in 2015

These are great knives by any standard and AMAZING knives for the price!

I gave a paring knife and a chef knife as birthday presents and both my brother and father are THRILLED with them. I sharpen them 4 times a year and they glide through food. Amazing deal for anyone.


Bladeforums user Grapeshot made this post January 9 2017 about our his Skaha folding knife.

I’ve been using my Skaha for a few weeks and just thought I’d post a short review.

The Skaha is an excellent execution of its design intent. I believe this model was intended to be the perfect temperate/coastal forest outdoors folder which makes sense considering the guys at North Arm are in British Columbia. I’m from Washington State and if you’re spending time outdoors in that environment the Skaha is full of practical design choices for a folding knife. For instance the handles and lockbar tab don’t expose your hands to a lot of bare metal which can get cold and pull heat away from your body. G10 is a perfect material for a knife that may be used to process game and for eating because it resists harboring bacteria. In fact G10 is one of the only materials that many health departments allow on knife handles in commercial kitchens for that reason. The open back facilitates cleaning guck out of the knife even if you only have a stream or lake to swish it around in. G10 also light while remaining durable and plenty rigid. I got mine in bright orange so I can spot it easily if I drop it. The blade steel, S35VN is very stain resistant and holds an edge while remaining tough and field sharpenable. My experience with the S35VN on a Sebenza shows it to be a world class stainless steel for working in the field. The Skaha’s thin, hollow-ground blade makes it easily slice through game and fish. The CNC lines left over from machining aren’t as deep as the seem in pictures and kind of make the knife unique. I don’t notice them in use. The action is excellent. It flips and deploys smoothly and the detente is just right. You flip the tab and you get an open knife every time. There is no lock stick or blade play. You can make good arguments for and against a flipper on a field knife. FWIW the Skaha is easy to open left and right handed and with thick gloves. The knife handles well and is comfortable to hold and carry in the pocket. It didn’t create any hot spots while I was using it.

So far I’ve been careful to describe the Skaha in folding knife roles. I don’t intend to baton wood with it of try to chop up cinder blocks. There are better tools for those jobs. For field use a knife like the Skaha is best paired with a larger fixed blade chopper or small hatchet. The larger blade does larger-blade stuff and the Skaha is perfect for the detail tasks left over. For everyday carry and general use the Skaha should work really well. It’s overbuilt for daily tasks without being too overbuilt. It’s nice and light in the pocket and handles confidently while feeling light for being a full-size knife. The handles are nicely contoured and afford any grip you’d care to use. They’re grippy because they’re shaped well and don’t rely on overly aggressive texture. The pocket clip works fine but I did find the angled tip a little catchy but not quite sharp. If I could change anything it would be to round off that clip which I may end up doing with a Dremel. For what it’s worth I strongly prefer a stamped clip like the one on the Skaha to 95% of sculpted clips because they’re less likely to lose tensions and are easier to adjust.

The lockbar tab locking design is a good design for this knife. I was unsure how I would like it but after using one I’m sold. It’s not unlike the one used on a Spyderco Military and I’ve never seen a complaint about those. The Skaha’s design is plenty secure while saving weight and the thick G10 handles are plenty rigid without full liners. Remember, the lock really just needs to keep the knife open, you’re not cutting with the spine, so “lock strength” is more a marketing ploy than anything not to mention most folders had no locking mechanism until recently. Another thing worth mentioning is the use of bearings. I prefer washers because they’re less likely to get gummed up and they’re easy to replace. However the bearings contribute to the Skaha’s excellent flipping action so I can see why Mike and John chose to use them.I should say that the bearings in this knife haven’t caused any problems. All in all I’m really satisfied with the Skaha and I’m glad I bought it. It’s a great design and hard to beat, especially for the price. Speaking of which these go for about $150 US. At that price point the Skaha competes extremely well with knives like the PM2. Thanks for Reading!


Matthew from Tasmania, Australia made this comment about his Skaha folder on Facebook:

I have owned a Skaha folder for a month or so now, comparing it to an axis lock, zt frame lock and spyderco compression lock it is amongst the easiest and most precise locks i have ever used, one handed closes are incredibly safe and easy, give it a shot mate, you will not regret it!


HuntingBC forum user TPK made this post on December 12, 2016

Got my new folder (Skaha), AWESOME!! Thanks guys, it was an early Christmas present for myself lol. Great knives made here in BC, that’s a win win in my books. Can’t wait to see what you do next, keep the goodness coming. 


Bladeforums user Woodysone made this post about our Skaha folding knife on December 8, 2016

Just received my red one, this is a work of art! Flips effortlessly, locks up perfect, sharp as my ex’s tongue this is truly a EDC! You guys should be proud! At just under $200 this knife is a great deal. Thank You! Best Martin


Bladeforums user Frank Niro made this post about our Skaha folding knife on November 28, 2016

I think it’s a great looking folder in a good size and at a terrific price ! I am a maker but always enjoy good work! The very best of success on this one. From what I see I hope you get all the sales you want!


Bladeforums user Bmurray made this post on august 4, 2016

Great knives. Love my [north arm] kitchen knives. Ordering a Lynx this weekend.


Bladeforums user ndmiller made this post on august 4, 2016

I ordered a off-spec/seconds Sitka (7″Santoku) and Pairing knife earlier this year. Excellent in the kitchen for every task. Re-profiled on my sharpmaker and they are razor sharp and keep an edge for months being S35VN.


A repeat customer, Hunting BC user TPK from Quesnel BC, made this post, June 10 2016:

I have an “original” Coho for hunting but picked up a Lynx .. well just because! lol I wanted a knife like that in the kitchen for some versatility and different cutting options. So it sits in the wood block with the Sitka Santoku, Alder, Kermode, and Trillium. Being a tad OCD .. it bothered me that the Lynx had different handles than the other “kitchen” knives. I knew at the time of purchase they would be different scales but thought I could overcome my OCD and accept that .. NOT ! lol

So .. I have ordered and received a new set of CUSTOM scales for the Lynx. These are made out of the same material as the rest of the kitchen knives so they will match and I can stop obsessing .. lol. Also had them milled so they cover the lanyard hole as it won’t be used. If I want to use it as a hunting knife I can swap the original scales back on and off I go. Will try to post a pict when I have the new scales on.

As always, the folks at North Arm Knives have come through once again, so thanks guys!! My custom order was accommodated and completed in a very timely fashion and at an amazingly great price!


This post was made on Bladeforums by user emptym, Jun 7 2016:

Got the knife a few weeks ago and have really been enjoying it. Came razor sharp and has held it’s edge way better than the old Henkels and Wustof knives we usually use in the kitchen. Thanks Mike and co!


Below is a post, made April 18, 2016 on Bladeforums by user Rapt_up , commenting on his “Salal” chef’s knife:

These are amazing value, and even better, amazing knives. Don’t let the great deal fool you into thinking you’re getting a lower performance knife. The salal I bought is among the best performing knives I have ever owned, and easily the best kitchen knife, edging out some spectacular knives I have used and owned.

Buy these remembering they are worthy of the custom knife moniker and you will not be disappointed. My wife loves how hers glides through potatoes and other harder veggies with ease. And the somewhat unconventional handle is very comfortable, clearly time was spent developing a good handle with a great feel and function. Just like the blade.

Probably better labeled a steal than “great value”. Buy ’em they may not look conventional but they work like nobody’s business.


The following was an email we received from a customer March 27 2016:

I have been using the Alder for just about Everything since I received it, and am loving it. This is a great knife!
Truth be known, I’m not much of one for “kitchening,” but your knives– the Trillium and now the Alder– are re-inspiring me to keep at it, and to maintain a better selection of good ingredients to be a’cutting. 
If and when you develop another kitchen knife between the Trillium and the Alder, I’ll be all over it. (I’m thinking, general purpose spear-point[?] shape similar to the Trillium’s but scaled larger, in the range of 10″ OAL, beefier than the Trillium but without the blade height of the Alder or Sitka.)
….I love the looks of your new Lynx, but my only hunting tends to be of good people and good companies making great products. I’d say I’m pretty good at it. ;-)
My best to you and yours; here’s to your ongoing success.
Thanks again,
Sarah S. (USA)


Below is a post, made March 9 2016 on HuntingBC Forum by Backbacon, commenting on his recently acquired “Lynx” hunting knife:

Well I’ve used my Lynx for making dinner the last couple nights and so far I am loving the thing. Very comfortable in the hand, looks great and sharp as hell!
I’m very impressed with this knife and I will definitely be ordering some other knives from you guys in the future.


Below is a post, made March 6 2016 on HuntingBC Forum by Salmon Belly, commenting on our “Lynx” hunting knife:

I got to handle the new Lynx today in Abbotsford, was really impressed and put in an order. Great work Mike and John, very cool that you involve us in the development.



Below is a excerpt from a post, made Feb 21 2016 on HuntingBC Forum by exv, commenting on the new Lynx hunting knife prior to its release:

Purchased a Coho for a family member, North Arm Knives even engraved the initials for me. Was extremely happy with the knife and quality, so much so I’ve always wanted my own. Im excited for this product, personally would rather no jimping. If it’s not aggressively cut I find it offers minimal grip once your hands are bloody. With a razor sharp knife I often find myself holding it in a “improvised” grip while prosessing and let the knife do the work. A top quality sheath will be important for me. Excited to see the knives with a handle.


Below is an excerpt from a post, made Jan 30 2016, on BladeForums by user Pertinux:

A North Arm Knives Trillium paring knife recently caught my attention here in another member’s post, and I quickly ordered one of my own.
North Arm Knives is a sponsor here at BladeForums, a Canadian company whose web site details and expedites the ordering process for those of us from the United States.
[I paid via PayPal, which handled the exchange rate for me.] I ordered my knife on the evening of January 19th; it shipped the next day, January 20th, via Canada Post, was transferred to the USPS on 1/22, and was delivered to my home here in the eastern US on January 28th.
I mention the above to highlight that the process went smoothly, to reassure anyone in the US who might have reservations about placing an out-of-country order.

I love the clean lines of their logo, presentation, packaging….  CNC blade treatment, so cool.

Highly recommended.


Below is A customer review by Rebecca Bateman  from our Facebook page from Jan 18, 2016:

I own two North Arm knives, a paring knife and a chef’s knife, and they are both excellent. What I especially like is the balance of the chef’s knife–it doesn’t tire out your wrist like other knives can. I heartily         recommend these knives to all cooks, and it’s a locally based business, too!


This post is from August 20, 2015 on Bladeforums from user CUTS LIKE A KRIS:

I have a fillet knife and a paring knife from these fine gentlemen, and both are great deals for what you are receiving in my opinion. Fast service, clean knives, great all around. Taught a young lady how to fillet pike with the fillet knife at the beginning of the month, and people couldn’t tell which were her fillets or mine, I attribute a great knife for reducing her curve! And I used to work in an arctic fishery plant as primary fillet “artist”.


This next post the next day, May 11, 2015, also on the Hunting BC Forum was from user albravo2:

I’ve been meaning to write this for a long time.

Bought a kitchen knife this winter from Mike and John and absolutely love it. Keeps a wicked edge.

I definitely have my eye on the filet knife. I might need a really small one for the fish I’ve been catching lately though.

Keep up the good work Mike and John. Yours is a great local product that is easy to recommend wholeheartedly.



This post came in May 10, 2015 on the Hunting BC Forum from user bag1:

Damn Kermodes!
I’ve filleted out a good 10-15 Springs with this thing including cutting up the carcasses for crab bait and had to hit the edge lightly on a steel for the first time
whats with that??
just kidding this thing is a phenomenal piece, I love it and glad to have had a verbal hand in helping with the design

Below is A customer review by Shaun Carlin from our Facebook page from Apr 7, 2015:

Exceptional knives that match their service. Wouldn’t hesitate to do business again and point people their way.


This came in via email:

Hi John and Mike,
re: our Salal knife, it is totally wonderful.We only have two knives that we use now both North Arm, the paring knife and the Salal knife.  Both knifes are up for any task in the kitchen that we give them, they make meal preparing a great pleasure.
Both knifes have balance and feel very good in the hand.Thank you both for such a delightful experience.

Margaret & Barry C, New Westminster, BC


Below is an excerpt from a post, made Dec 19 2014, on the BC Fishing Reports Forum by user BigfishMike:

John and Mike Gudmundson,

I just received one of the best Christmas gifts ever…one of your North Arm Kermode Filet knives.
It came from a great friend, also from this forum….Chilliwack’s own T.K. aka “Hmmm” here.

I can tell you, and anyone else reading this, that the quality is superb, and the photos and descriptions offered are woefully insufficient.

The blade is keen and precise, and surgically even and sharp– a Caveman or Sasquatch could safely, comfortably and effectively shave with it.

The handle and the metal handle section are machined perfectly to fit each other–no rough or high spots, and they’re a perfect match; the rivets holding the knife together, as well as those on the sheath are beefy and permanent.

When you slip the knife into the sheath, it has a couple of properly bent wings at the hilt to snap the knife in place,
so even if you hold it upside down, the knife won’t slide out.

I am going to discard all the knives I’ll never use again, as they pale in comparison to the fine tool you’ve created.

I’ll take hand-crafted goods over mass-produced every time, and I’d encourage anyone who wants the best knife they’ll ever own to not only get one, but to challenge any of these claims.

I’d be anxious to hear the take of guys who use knives daily as part of their jobs…all the guides–Nog, Tofino Guy, and ANYBODY who appreciates what a great knife does for them.

My wife and I have a phenomenal German cooking knife set we got for a wedding present–I
thought I’d never see or handle that kind of quality again, and you have at least matched, if not exceeded it.

That TK had the blade engraved with my tag-line: “Be well, make friends, catch fish” makes it that much more special.

And Scotty—good call, and thanks for contributing the fitting name–“Kermode” to this fine knife.

I am going to follow T.K’s lead, and gift a few special friends—a lodge owner or two– with one of these great tools.
Thanks gentlemen, thanks TK, and Merry Christmas and a healthy and Happy New Year to all.