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The playlist below lists all of our youtube channel videos. We are adding videos to our channel as we find time to film them, check back soon for updates!

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3 Responses

  1. Barry

    Well! I bought a Skaha 2 and a Mallard about 4 years ago, and have been in the shop a few times, but just got around to watching you videos – all of them. They are excellent. The folder maintenance one is timely and I learned a few things, like the idea of checking the reflectivity edge-on to asses sharpness. That’s brilliant(!). Thanks.

    • John Gudmundson

      Good to hear from you again Barry. We’re glad you like the videos. Of course we wish we had time to do a few more on other topics we hadn’t covered, but sharpening-related info tends to be timeless, so combined with our page on sharpening, we cover most of the key stuff for typical users. We moved to a new shop in summer 2020, which I don’t think you’ve seen. Feel free to drop in next time you are in town.

  2. Kurt Rasmussen

    These knives are absolutely incredible!! And I have owned knives worth $2000-$4000 each. The action on the Skhaha II is a work of art and as knife lover, engineer, and owner of a sharpening business…I couldn’t be prouder to own this blade. Well done you guys!!

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