To the Point: sharpen a knife in 15 seconds per week

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Assuming you have kitchen knives made with quality steel, and you always cut on a board, you can sharpen a knife in 15 seconds per week. And by this, I mean steeling with a fine diamond coated butcher’s steel. The one we use at home for our kitchen knives is the DMT DS2F 12-inch diamond steel, which is a smooth steel rod coated with 600 grit diamonds. There are many designs of diamond coated steels in different shapes and with different grit coarsenesses, but we find this one offers a perfect balance between edge straightening and ultra-gentle material removal. End result is a straight and sharp working edge that just stays that way and makes cutting consistently satisfying. Use it as you would any steel for about 5 strokes per side alternating and then rinse under a tap. If you do this regularly, every week, your edges will stay sharp.

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