“Skaha II” Folding Knife

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Skaha batch status: The current Skaha batch consists of orders received on or after May 17th. The current batch remains open for orders. Regardless of which batch you are in, we will continue to work within the 4-6 week order-to-ship window (see below). Watch here for updates.

Please note: the typical wait time to get your Skaha after you place an order is 4-6 weeks. When we ship your knife, you will receive tracking info from our system.

If “Out of stock” is displayed below the ordering options, ordering has been closed because we’ve reached our maximum batch size. There will be a form for requesting to be notified when we have opened orders again.

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Left carry clip mount option: When you add the left carry clip mount to your configuration, you get the an additional clip mount point on the left scale. If you don’t want a clip mount point breaking up the presentation side of the knife, don’t select the left-side clip option. The clip can be mounted on either side with this option and extra hardware is included. Read More

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The Skaha II is an EDC folding knife that’s light enough you may forget it’s in your pocket and sturdy enough to handle most any standard cutting task. The perfect knife for users who want a great action at a reasonable price.

Brief maintenance instructions are packed with the knife and we have a  detailed maintenance document with everything you need to know about maintaining your Skaha. If you don’t already have a light oil for your folder, we offer a good knife oil as an option to purchase with the knife.

Legal Note: This style of folding knife is legal in Canada and in most places around the world because it does not open automatically or by a wrist flick, or utilize any spring assist. We recommend you thoroughly research the laws applicable in your area before ordering. Some local laws in the USA significantly restrict knife carry/possession and impose harsh penalties if you’re caught. This article would be a good place to start. If in any doubt, you should contact your border control authority and ask them. The onus is on you to follow your national and local laws.

The Skaha takes its name from a lake in the fertile Okanagan Valley of BC.

We back all of our knives with a warranty and satisfaction guarantee!



  • CPM MagnaCut stainless steel blade with a bright stonewashed blade finish.
  • Several colors of G10 handle scales. For an extra cost, we offer the knife with solid carbon fiber twill scales or fancy fatcarbon patterns.
  • Pivot bearings, pivot pin, thrust washers, and stop pin are made from hardened stainless steel.
  • hardened 17-4 stainless steel lockbar.
  • hardened 17-7 stainless steel wire pocket clip minimizes hotspots.
  • This is the brief info sheet we include in the box with the Skaha. For further information on care and sharpening, look at the pages under the "knife care" tab on the menu bar


Maximum closed dimensions L x W x H: 4.4" x 1.4" x 0.75" (11.2cm x 3.6cm x 1.9cm)
Total handle thickness (at thickest point): 0.640" (16.26mm)
Blade length (tip to handle): 3.3"  (8.38cm)
Open length: 7.75" (19.7cm)
G10 Weight: 3.0 oz. (85 grams)
Carbon Fiber Twill Weight: 2.7 oz. (77 grams)

Blade steelCPM MagnaCut
Blade hardness: HRC 60-62
Blade thickness at spine: 0.1" (2.5mm)
Blade Grind: full flat ground
Cutting edge angle (inclusive): 30°

Made in BC

51 reviews for “Skaha II” Folding Knife

  1. Tyler Hebbron

    Great folding knife. The size feel and shape is very pleasing. The opening action is also very satisfying. Above all, customer service was incredible.

    Thank you!

  2. Jim gallo

    Just got my skaha ll
    Outstanding knife fit to finish is fantastic
    The G10 handle is shaped perfectly to fit you hand
    How ever the star of this knife is the fantastic action its tune perfectly fantastic knife i will
    Get more and it really sharp

  3. Randall

    You are magicians! I am unsure how you can create the Skaha II with its incredible action!

    Just received mine down under in Australia and have not put it down. It is amazing. The value is unrivalled. I look forward to getting more.

  4. Greg

    This is a review of four knives
    I can only say truly great things about North Arm Knives. First of all, these blades always come razor sharp, fit comfortably in the hand, beautifully designed where the application of form follows function is well on display.
    As for blade geometry, they are unique and practical with the ‘Alder ‘ having a excellent balance with the appropriate rocking point, and did I mention its beauty with its intricate CNC which reminds me of a Humpback Whale ( now in Polished Stonewash).Then the ‘Trillium’, with its slanted small wing like blade, cuts through your small tasks like a sharp witt . As for the ‘Skaha ||’… what I can say, a masterpiece. The action is what everyone says it is, gliding and hypnotic, the handle and blade lock tightly, the edge retention keeps on keeping on, and when it’s in your pocket, you’ll find as many reasons in your trance to pull it out and showcase its exactitude. The ‘Lynx’ feels like a natural extension of your hand as freely moves through any meat, wood, or unfriendly potatoes that might give you a dirty look, and most other things of organic composition. As NorthArm has stated, “this is not a bushcraft knife,” though I have found most applications for this knife in the forest (not batoning) exceed expectation. I would love to see a designated ‘wilderness’ knife from NorthArm….someday.
    If you feel hesitant to spend the money on these knives, you shouldn’t; you would be hard pressed to find a knife of this superior quality within their price range, and that is not mass produced. You would also be supporting a small business and the livelihood of this father and son team. Which gives them time to produce more beautiful practical knives for us to enjoy.


  5. Luke W

    I can’t even imagine and better knife for what I do. I have a small collection but I don’t keep this knife with the others – I use it everyday. I’ve had mine for 3 months now and it’s been punished – dropped on a concrete floor, rubbed against pallets, forklifts, and tables – and it still looks like it did when I took it out of the box. I cut mostly cardboard, tape, and plastic strapping. I wear it clipped on to my jeans pocket for an easy grab and can open, use, and close it single-handed even while wearing warehouse gloves (or winter gloves!) in my right or left hand. This is the perfect knife for what I do, which happens to be working at a winery that overlooks Skaha Lake.

    I have had to tighten the screw holds the blade since it felt very loose at one point and caused a slight wobble side to side in the blade. A little dab of oil after tightening and it’s good to go.

  6. Maarten

    Everything you’ve read is true: this is an awesome knife. Only real way to open the knife is through the flipper tab, which has a great size and feel. Fidget friendly, with a very satisfying and solid feel. The blade came adjusted to drop-shut tension, with a strong retention indent (which I like, blade won’t fall out unintended). The blade is gorgeous, very even ground, came shave-sharp and slice-y. I own several other knife in this price category (classic Benchmade, Spyderco etc) and the Skaha blows them out of the water with quality and finish. My first knife with the MagnaCut steel but certainly a great sounding steel. The new carbon handle material has a very pleasant pattern and gives the knife a light but solid feel. For me, not a work knife but a pleasant, beautiful EDC. Well worth the wait! I’ll have to try some of the kitchen knives next!

  7. Bruno Ruba

    This is an incredible tool. I got the magnacut with fat carbon scales and it was well worth the over 1 year wait! Perfect centering and action so smooth and precise, it’s unmatched at this price point. Love supporting Canadian family owned shops and North Arms makes it easy because the product is damn good!

    The blade is also actually functional with a utilitarian shape and a thin blade stock so it really is the perfect edc! Couldn’t be happier with this! Thank you!

  8. Ashley

    My wife is getting pretty tired of me flicking open this knife throughout the day every day.

  9. Mike

    Just ordered my Skaha 2–Fat Carbon Blue! This will be my 4th Skaha over the years. 1st one is still my work horse. Get one, you’ll understand.

  10. Marc Lussier

    I own knives made in the US, China, Japan, Italy, and Taiwan, but being a US citizen who is of Canadian descent I wanted something made in Canada. I couldn’t find too many pocketknives made in Canada, but heard about North Arm knives on YouTube knife channels and they were well regarded. I was on the wait list for a long time and just received my Skaha II in Aug of 2022. I am VERY pleased with it. The ergonomics are perfect, and the size is just right. The blade is thin, sharp, and made to cut. It flips fast, clean, and crisp. The knife is perfect, and I have no regrets purchasing it and have nothing negative to say about it. I also like having the Canadian flag on the blade. If you don’t own one, get on the list, and get yourself a Skaha II, eh!

  11. Barry Linkiewich

    I’ve had my G-10 Skaha for a couple months now and I’ve just signed up for the waiting list again.
    Yes, it’s THAT good and the value for the money is off the charts.

    Everyone I’ve handed it to has been impressed and when asked what it cost some folks assumed it had to be Chinese made but knowing this beauty is Canadian made just adds a little swell of pride to my maple syrup heart.

  12. Will Groten

    Fun knife to use and great action. When I received mine it had rust on the gimping. Rust is the only reason for 3 stars because that’s a QC miss for sure

  13. Jay

    Yep It’s true. All the other 5 star reviews are correct. This blade comes out on the flick so lovely. The hand fit is remarkable. Not really a pocket clip guy but this one works for me as the knife is slightly bulkier and doesn’t lay nice in the bottom of the front right pocket. A year and a half was a long time to wait for a knife but I’m glad I got on the list and got my knife. Hope to carry this for 15-20 years. What a beauty eh. And the Kermode I got my fishing buddy for Christmas is just top notch. Great knives. Hell yeah Canada

  14. Brian Nickerson

    I am a little hesitant in posting a great review because it will just lengthen the wait time for future orders. However, I can’t resist since this is such a beautiful knife. The opening motion is flawless, the smoothness of closing the knife is amazing and it just has an overall great weight to it. The sharpness of the blade and point is unbelievable. Every aspect of the experience was perfect. Even down to the packaging. I’m kind of old school so to see the knife nestled in a bed of wood strands as opposed to wrapped in plastic bubble sheet was just the icing on the cake. Well done! My one wishlist is if a wood handle option could be offered. I have a wonderful NorthArm kitchen knife with a wood handle and it was really stood up well over time (bought it at a craft show when you were first starting out).

  15. Malcolm Thomas

    Wait is long and painful, but the result is fantastic. What a great knife for the money! The new blade finish is awesome.

  16. Bill Dalton

    The action on this knife is perfect.

  17. joneszzy

    I own countless other knives for the money nothing compares to the skaha2. The action is perfect… makes other flippers feel like toys. Screams quality.

  18. Eric E.

    A special knife, it fits perfectly in my pocket and in my hand. This knife punches above its weight class in every way. It stays sharp, opens and closes so smooth, perfectly balanced, and for me just the right size. Get in line, you won’t be disappointed. I see more North Arm Knives in my future.

  19. Doug Jack

    Just received my Skaha 2, which I waited patiently over a year for. Beautiful knife with all the options, the carbon scales look amazing! I’m a bit of a knife snob with a bent for Spyderco Para 2’s but this North Arm Skaha 2 stands its ground in quality, and adds a classy custom look and feel. Finish and attention to detail on this knife are very high and the thing flicks open with surprising speed, its literally fun to open this knife.
    It was very sharp right out of the box with near perfect even sharpening, the blade is a work of art. Interesting how receiving a knife of this quality makes a long wait feel like a cool part of the process rather than an inconvenience!
    This is my third North Arm knife as I also have a Lynx Hunter and a Trillium paring knife, both excellent knives as well. Big thanks to the folks at North Arm for the care and hard work you put into your knives!

  20. J

    Simply amazing! This piece checks all the boxes. Ergos, size, materials, fit & finish, action, looks & don’t forget great customer support. I even like the sound it makes when deployed. Congratulations gentlemen on a wonderful creation of slicey greatness!

  21. Todd Opal

    Bought the Skaha II for my son. What craftsmanship an Quality. Light weight, smooth action, and extremely sharp.Giving to my son this weekend for his Bday. I will definitely buy more knives
    Thanks again

  22. Brad

    Nice action, excellent ergonomics and a good size knife for a large hand without being too big to function as an edc.

  23. Mike M

    I’ve had mine a year now and it’s really fun. I carry it around, open chip bags, cape deer, shave snagged fingernails flat, break down boxes, open letters, and anything else I can come up with. The action is delightful and the grip comfortably ergonomic. North Arm nails the design as well as fit and finish of their knives. It almost goes without saying that it comes and stays wicked sharp. The only slight quibble I have is that the detent can catch if you close it in just the wrong way, but it still deserves its five star rating. I might get on the list again when they re-open it.

    Of all the knives I’ve owned this is my favourite.

  24. Otter

    Just got my Skaha II today! Man was I surprised to find out it was delivered, the shipping was so fast and arrived two days earlier than the expected delivery on the tracking. This knife is so amazing, the thwack of it opening and ping of lock up is like music to my ears. I’d recommend this knife to anyone and would give it 5 stars if not for some minor grips and fit and finish issues. As most have pointed out the flipper jimping is a bit sharp (and I don’t even mind how big the flipper is). Then the cutout behind the lockbar (where the lockbar goes when the knife is closed) is also a bit sharp and I think a small chamfer there would do the trick. I also wish the dayglow yellow and purple handle scales were still an option. Now just add a detent ramp (not sure how that’d work or if it’s even possible with a flat non-ball detent) and this knife will be over the top perfect. Keep up the good work!

  25. Kuzman

    I don’t have Skaha yet. But I have your kitchen knives and I have noticed something very important about your products – They are made to be used, not to be collected. They are made with the idea to bu functional and simple not just to look cool or exceptional. If something is not need for the better user experience it will not be found in your knives. Example for that is the CPM S35VN steel that you are using. CPM S35VN is not as fancy as CPM S110V but it is as good as the user rally need and has better performance in frequently neglect properties as toughness and easy sharpening…

  26. Dennis Lytle

    I have been carrying my Skaha II for about a week now. It is superb in all respects, fit, finish and handling. I’m proud to carry such a beautiful, made in B. C. product.

  27. BTGuy

    Just an all-around excellent knife! Came sharp and ready to use out of the box (felt like I was stealing an egg from a nest while unboxing with that packaging). The blade looks nice, but best of all it cuts very due to the thin blade stock. The handles are very well contoured and feels very comfortable in the hand. Deploys reliably, locks up firmly, and pockets easily. All the basics of what a knife should be are done very well in the Skaha.

    A couple areas I think could use some attention. The cutout in the handle for the lockbar results in a very thin edge of G10 that digs into the hand and the groove in the blade that engages the stop pin when open also has a bit of a sharp edge which can be felt when pressing firmly with the thumb. A slight tapering on these edges is all that is needed. My last nitpick is that the pocket clip doesn’t have a big enough gap to fit all the way into pockets on thicker pants. Works well on most pants except with jeans which have a doubled-up edge on the pocket.

    Considering the improvements that were made between the Skaha and Skaha II, I can imagine future models put out by North Arm being nothing short of spectacular. I’m so glad to see a Canadian knife maker putting out quality knives at affordable prices.

  28. aarondavis1980

    Blown away. I watched a lot of review videos for this knife and jumped on the waitlist the day it opened. I had high expectations due to all the hype surrounding this knife. After months of waiting it arrived the other day and I was completely blown away. It feels phenomenal in the hand. I like how the G10 scales are a bit thicker. It fills up the palm of my hand and doesn’t feel too small, which it would if the scales were thinner. The action is nuts. It fires open like a rocket. I have no other knife with an action this great. The mill lines on the blade look awesome and everyone that sees this knife comments on how beautiful the blade looks. I am very proud to own a Canadian made knife that was built in a workshop only a few kilometres from my house.

  29. Tyrone (verified owner)

    Purchased the natural G10 handles – Skaha II.
    Perfect fit and finish, beautiful blade grind and gorgeous G10.

    The action truly is second to none.
    The light weight of the knife in combination with the sturdy construction and perfect ergos make this a true gem.
    Take down is easy as taking 3 screw apart on the presentation side of the knife.

    If you’re thinking about it, just get already!

  30. Brian Biehs (verified owner)

    I’ve had my ShahaII for a few weeks now and I really don’t feel the desire to carry any of my other knives. The action is snappy with the detent so dialed in that it is darn near impossible to get this knife to partially deploy. What strikes me most, however, is the usefulness of this knife as a cutting tool. The blade is made of thin stock and is finished beautifully. This thing really cuts well. Great job!

  31. Jeremy Warren (verified owner)

    This knife beats out my collection full of blades in price ranges 2-3X as high. It feels absolutely perfect in hand, phenomenal action, and by the way…cuts extremely well. Going to sign up for a second after everyone gets a shot at one. I’m always thinking about which knife I would save if I had to sell the rest off. I now have my answer!

  32. Eric Sharp (verified owner)

    WOW! This knife is amazing! This is by far the best knife that I have ever owned, and I have knives in the $300-$450 range. I am not going to lie, I bought this knife in hopes of selling it, but as soon as I held this knife, I knew there was no way it was ever leaving my collection. This knife is perfect in every way. The action is amazing, the machine work is flawless, and the ease of disengaging the lock is so smooth and easy. When I ordered this knife I was not sure if paying over $180 for g10 and s35vn was worth the price. Let me tell you that this knife is worth more and then some!!! Well done!!

  33. Ken M (verified owner)

    Skaha II – very impressed! Crisp action, sharp as a razor out of the box and is still sharp after a few weeks of use. Looking forward to many years of use with this knife. You will not be disappointed with the Skaha II!!!

  34. Cole (verified owner)

    i received my Skaha II today, all i can say is WOW~

    lockup is crisp and this thing flies open/falls shut, rivaling any of my 3-400 dollar ceramic bearing folders, and this hasn’t even broken in yet! Grippy flipper stud allows for good purchase, as well as the spine jimping. The G10 Scales are nicely contoured in a way that allows for a palm swell, which is very comfortable, and the pocket clip gives me no hot spots in forward or reverse grip. it is very rare that i get a knife that amazes me in every way! Job very well done, you guys. I hope to be a continued customer.

  35. DR (verified owner)

    An absolutely amazing knife with an action that rivals any $500+ Flipper that I own.

    I’m just waiting for some new blade designs and sizes (3”, please!) – hopefully ya’ll are working on new blades now!

  36. skater780

    I have one of the older models i got second hand through a forum, this is an unbelievably good knife. I doubt ill ever see an action as smooth as this one, and i fully plan to buy another one once orders open up again.

  37. Steven R Johnson (verified owner)

    Mine just came in yesterday after a multi-month wait, and it is even better than I had hoped — the flipping action in particular is just insane and basically flips at the speed of thought. Fit and finish are meticulous, I couldn’t be happier; this is definitely a permanent keeper.

  38. Stacey Dormer (verified owner)

    This is one good Co to do business with, I have bought 3 Skaha knives two were for gifts, I also have purchased a Lynx and a Sitka all these knives have proven well worth having. Its so nice to be able to be able to recommend a local knife maker that’s second to none for product or service!!

  39. G. Smith (verified owner)

    Great knife! Amazing action and probably the sharpest knife out it the box that i have ever bought. For under $200 it’s a great value.

    I wish the jumping on the flipper tab was not so aggressive but otherwise it’s perfect.

    This would also make a great front flipper.

  40. David (verified owner)

    Got mine in June or so (2017) and have carried and used it a bunch. Just a great knife. I was surprised by the look when I got it – the design is so simple it could be that good. Then I flipped it open. The handle is as stiff as you’d expect. Action is excellent. Blade shape and edge retention are great. This is one of my favorite knives at any price. This is just a great flipper.

    Well done, guys. I’m likely buying a second one. Would love to see a smaller option – around 3″ (7.6 cm) or just under.

  41. Ed Shaffer (verified owner)

    Got my Yellow Glow Yesterday and it is just awesome. Everything previously stated about this knife is true. Only thing I would like to see is slightly more texture in the handle. They just recently added a new “natural” color G10 handle so I placed an order today for a second Skaha. Hopefully they’re able to catch up on production and I’ll have it before Groundhog Day (US). Can one of you two gents head to Oregon and show Benchmade how to center their blades…that would be most appreciated? One recommendation to those ordering is bypass Expedited Delivery. Although I received my knife within the “4-10” business days it wasn’t “expeditious” by any means. With Skahas going out on Friday, they don’t appear to start moving until Monday, which is two days wasted. Add dwell time in immigration 1-2 days and catching a US holiday, I got my 3oz knife in the tiny box in 11 days/7 business not counting the late Friday ship date. In closing, just same time and order two Skaha’s and hope these guys come up with another folder.

  42. Mark W (verified owner)

    This is a great knife. It’s probably my new favorite pocketknife. The rounded handle is very nice to hold, and I love the look of the CNC-milled blade. The action is remarkable and the detent is dialed in perfectly. It deploys great every time. If I had to nit-pick, I would ask for a slightly smaller flipper tab. The tab isn’t huge but it deploys so easily that you don’t need a big tab for leverage. All-in-all a great knife and I look forward to what North Arm has for us next.

  43. Patrick Lewis (verified owner)

    This is, in my opinion, the best action you can get on a flipper knife for under $200. Really well built folder and you can tell these guys took their time to think the design through. Not to mention they seem to take their time to do it right as well and pay attention to the details. They’ve already made several improvements from customer feedback which is really impressive. The lead time is long on these for a reason and they’re worth the wait. Really all the knife you need and if it was the only one I could have I wouldn’t be upset.

  44. Aidan (verified owner)

    Just got mine in the mail today. You guys have absolutely outdone yourselves with the Skaha. It’s tight as a drum, the action is unlike anything I’ve ever seen or felt in a knife and the details are superb throughout. Keep it up!

  45. Frank Fanelli (verified owner)

    Great knife!!!!! I would recommend this to anyone. The action and detent are perfect! Buy this knife! You won’t be disappointed!

  46. Marshall (verified owner)

    The fit and finish are just fantastic. Attention to details, just great. The action is second to none. Only have had it for a few hours and already wanting to order another!

  47. Braxton Erickson (verified owner)

    The small details in this folder are what count and they’re amazing! The flipping action is amazing! This entire knife is perfect. The only complaint I have is on arrive the tip of my blade was chipped. It was easily fixable by sharpening. Place an order on this knife, you won’t be disappointed!

  48. Richard Gundersen

    Thank The Nick you got a Holy S*** Gem

  49. Chris (verified owner)

    Bought this after reading several reviews. Glad I did. This is a well thought out and well executed folder. Functions flawlessly and the blade is nice and thin. Excellent folder at a price point that is silly.

  50. Steven Dick (verified owner)

    I really like the size and shape of this knife. It’s my idea of the perfect deer hunter’s folder. That said, it seems like the locking bar is a little on the thin side. That probably won’t be a problem if all the knife is used for is field dressing game but I’m not sure it would stand up to any abnormal stress in an emergency.

  51. Nik McEwan (verified owner)

    Amazing knife!! It was dilivered quickly, and was super sharp out of the box. The steel is excellent and holds an edge like it should. The lock-up is so crisp and the blade has no movement when open. Highly recommend this knife to anyone. I have one and i am ordering another as a wedding gift for a close friend of mine. Worth every penny.

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