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Knife Oil for Folding Knives

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This light oil with needle applicator is well suited to lubricating folding knives. Read more

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We are currently offering 2 options for knife oilers. Both are very good oils for folding knives.

Daiwa makes their light, odorless oil in the USA as a fishing reel oil. It is also used by many folding knife owners as a knife oil. The fine needle nose allows you to get oil to the knife bearings and pivot without disassembly and enables careful control of where the oil goes. This oiler has a pocket clip in case you find yourself carrying it around a lot. The needle is a bit finer (.035″) than on the Lucas bottle. Oil volume is about 10ml.

Lucas’s reel oil is also odorless and USA made. It’s near 30ml in volume and a tougher bottle, but the needle is a little coarser (.050″), though still easy to get into bearings with.

If you are purchasing one of our Skaha folding knives and you don’t already have a good oil, one of these will help keep it running smoothly. You only need a few drops at a time, so either one will last most users a long time.


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