Modern folding knives are a huge improvement on the traditional pocket knife. These are not automatic or flick knives; they require finger power to flip open the blade, staying tucked in the handle until you want them open. They can be both opened and closed with one hand and yet are legal in most jurisdictions. Blade length is the main determining legal issue for this style of knife (ie those that do not open through centrifugal force or using a spring) and as of today, all of our models are under 3.5″ blade length.

Skaha Folder

The Skaha (Ska-ha) folder is a lightweight modern “flipper” pocket knife. The blade is a highly useful 3.3 inches long and flips very smoothly on miniature ball bearings. Pulling on the flipper tab loads a detent to the point resistance is … Continued

4.67 out of 5
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