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The Lynx’s edge holding is what you need when you’re kilometers from the road, it’s getting dark and you aren’t in the mood to battle with an uncooperative blade. Read more

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The Lynx hunting knife was designed with the help of the hunting community in British Columbia. It’s a knife geared to making the processing of game as efficient as possible. The CPM MagnaCut stainless steel blade heat treatment aims for optimum toughness over optimum hardness while still featuring edge holding better than our previous S35VN blade. Our new ground blade is skeletonized in the tang to reduce weight, making it 25-30 grams (about 1 ounce) lighter.

The blade is wide and thin with plenty of belly, yet sharp at the tip for plunging when needed. The Lynx’s hand-filling handle is still slim and light enough for easy maneuverability. The Lynx is available in a choice of several G10 handle colours as standard, or can optionally be ordered in a solid carbon fiber twill composite. The CF is about 75% of the weight of G10, but also very strong and definitely cool looking. We are also now offering fatcarbon nebula as a flashy handle option. Note that the nebula material is only slightly less than G10 in weight due to the higher epoxy ratio than our regular CF. For the super weigh conscious, our lightest Lynx carry to date is the new ground blade, which is skeletonized in the tang, with our regular CF scales.

The knife comes with either a right or left handed Kydex sheath, molded to the blade. The sheath hangs from a stiff webbing belt loop in either our standard length or an optional extended length version (for clearing of hip straps on packs). Right handed sheath’s are designed for carry on the right hip (the knife is drawn with the right hand) while left handed sheath’s are carried on the left hip (and drawn with the left); choose which you need when you make your order.

While the Lynx is optimized for hunting, it’s also a great knife for fishermen and general purpose cutting chores at the campsite. We did not design the Lynx as a bushcrafting knife, for batoning and such. Use a hatchet, machete or other beefy blade for those jobs.

The Lynx takes its name from the Canada Lynx. Between 20 and 50 thousand Lynx are estimated to live in BC, mostly in the colder areas away from the coast, where they primarily live off their preferred diet of snowshoe hares.

We back all of our knives with a warranty and satisfaction guarantee!

  • CPM Magnacut stainless steel blade for superb edge holding while you're in the field. Under normal circumstances, you should not need to use a sharpener while processing your animal (It's good to bring along a portable sharpener though, in case the animal has a lot of sand or clay in its hide)
  • our polished stonewash blade finish
  • jimping at the spine in front of the handle for extra grip and finger reference to the blade when things get slippery.
  • hidden lanyard hole for sleek look (optional paracord lanyard available, though you can easily make your own)
  • virtually indestructible G10 handle scales. Solid carbon fiber scales optional, for optimal weight reduction
  • easy edge maintenance with diamond or ceramic butcher's steel. When sharpening is needed, conventional tools are all you need. See our sharpening page for details
  • this is the brief info sheet we include in the box with the Lynx.

Maximum dimensions L x W x H

8.5" x 1.31" x 0.7" (21.6cm x 3.3cm x 1.8cm)

Blade length (tip to handle):

3.86"  (9.8cm)



4.7 oz. (133 grams) with G10 scales
4.0 oz. (115 grams) with CF scales

Sheath: 2.5 oz. (70 grams)

Blade steel: CPM MagnaCut
Blade hardness: HRC 60-62
Blade thickness at spine: 0.100" (2.54mm)
Blade Grind: full flat
Thickness behind edge: 0.015" (0.38mm)
Cutting edge angle (per side): 15°

Made in BC

16 reviews for “Lynx” Hunting Knife

  1. Jeremy (verified owner)

    I received my Lynx a few days ago and haven’t had a chance to actually use it but I just thought I would comment on the quality of the fit and finish and materials. The fit and finish is pretty amazing. Comparable to any knife in my collection including those costing twice as much. The handle is super comfortable and the scales fit nice and flush to the spine. I really like the CNC finish on the blade, it’s a unique touch that you don’t see on any other knives. I’m very impressed that it is made with Magnacut at this price point and the edge they put on it is super sharp. Definitely one of the sharpest factory edges I’ve seen. The jimping is well done and the hidden lanyard hole is another nice touch.

    Overall I’m very impressed with it so far. Everything from the steel to the scales is quality stuff. It’s nice and thin which makes it pretty light if you’re looking to keep your pack weight down, which is another bonus. Oh, the sheath is very nicely made as well. Retention is just right.

  2. Cyril (verified owner)

    Bought. Carbon fibre and magnacut. Love knife and sheath. Well made. Can’t wait to try it in the bush.

  3. Thomas Madsen

    Incredible Blade I’ve been using it for two years this year it gutted a moose no problem and yesterday I gutted and skinned out a buck and at the end of it all the blade was still sharp enough to shave the hair off my arm. I highly recommend these knives to anyone and if you know anything about steel S35VN is a premium top notch steel to use for a knife.

  4. Dylan Roberts (verified owner)

    I just picked mine up this morning, and I can already say that this will be on my belt most of the time. I was going to have a custom sheath made for it, but I am really liking the stock sheath. Thanks guys. Looking forward to hearing that I am up for one of your folders.

  5. joneszzy (verified owner)

    Very impressed with the quality of the lynx knife. I own many knives from high end companies such as bark river, fallkniven, busse, gossman, lionsteel etc and i can honestly say for the money this is the best knife going…
    love the design very functional, came very sharp and a great steel. Zero complaints and its nice to see a Canadian company making quality knives. If anyone is on the fence about the lynx i cant say enough great things..
    This for sure will not be my last knife from North Arm and look forward to future designs.

  6. Cam Fox (verified owner)

    This knife handles like a dream. The edge retention is outstanding! Finished deboning a moose and it was still shaving hairs so I didn’t bother touching it up, then a week later I used it to cape and debone two bull elk and after wards it was still shaving hairs off my forearm.

  7. Neil Gibbs (verified owner)

    I just ordered the Lynx, Kermode 9 and Mallard from North Arm. I have been blown away through every step of the customer service experience.

    My online order was acknowledged very quickly. I received all three knives in a matter of days and they arrived beautifully packaged.

    The craftsmanship on the knives is outstanding and i can’t stop staring at them! It almost seems a shame to put them to work!

    Although i have yet to put the knives to test in the field test cutting pieces of meat at home all i can say is WOW. Amazing edge on these blades.

    Thank you North Arm!

  8. Rick

    Last year I purchased a Lynx and 2 of the Mallard B&T. This year I used the Lynx to field dress elk on a hunt in Wyoming and then used the Mallard for caping work. The Lynx did very well and held its edge through field dressing and skinning 2 elk before I felt it necessary to touch up the edge. It was fairly easy to get a good edge with my diamond hone. The knife is comfortable and agile in hand. I really appreciate the fit and finish of the sheath with its drain channel and belt loop. The Mallard (Trillium) did very well for the fine work removing the cape around the antler basses, ears, eyes and jaw. A wonderful little knife it is.
    Thanks for a great product.

  9. Doug Jack

    What a great knife! Handles well, very easy to sharpen, and holds an edge like crazy. Used it to make dinner last night and what a bloody pleasure to use. It’s just wide enough to scoop up chopped veges and throw them in the pot. Good hand guard and knife has enough drop from handle to blade to be very comfortable on a cutting board. Can’t wait to carve up a deer with it! Fits tightly into the sheath, wore it on my belt hunting today and gave it every opportunity to get pulled out of the sheath and it never budged.
    Have lots of high quality knives and this is the only one I can say I wouldn’t change a thing on.

  10. Mike M (verified owner)

    Ideal hunting knife. My highest recommendation.

    The level of professionalism and design rigour at North Arm is clear from reading their website, and extended to every aspect of my interaction with them all the way to using my knife in the field for the first time.

    They understand each element of knife making, and apply this knowledge expertly to their design and manufacture. Quality is utmost, and the technique and efficiency of their creation puts them ahead on value compared to their mass market and boutique competitors.

    Every detail is well considered. I wear size 10 gloves and the handle suited me, offering multiple comfortable grip options. Jimping is mandatory for me and the Lynx holds on tight. The drop point made a great field scalpel, but the belly shape is a bit fuller than most hunters I’ve owned and gave me an easier time skinning. G10 remains one of the best materials for a hunting knife, meeting essentially every need. Even the bolster has just the right curve to it, and there are many other details I will skip for brevity. They seriously thought of everything.

    Long gone are the days of having to sharpen your knife before use. The Lynx arrived field ready, and even after dressing and deboning a deer it doesn’t need any maintenance. I checked before and after with a loupe and I caught a couple things not visible to the naked eye. A nick I guess from going into ribs, and a tiny bit of blunting at the tip. That makes it the most resilient knife in my collection so far.

    I’ve used the other major brands and I’ve spent this much on other knives. I’ve tried a couple of the super steels. This knife is best. It’s almost a shame it’s going to last forever so I won’t need to buy another one. Good thing I got a Skaha II.

  11. sinnlemay (verified owner)

    Just got my Lynx today !!!
    Got it out of the box and… WOW, just wow !!!
    The feel is OUTSTANDING !!!
    The quality and fit and finish is Great, on Par with any Bark river or LTW knives !!!
    For a fraction of the price !!!

    North Arm is an extraordinary company with Customer Service that is so rare these days.
    The owner and son even took the time to talk to me prior to my purchase and did a small mod for no charge.
    I am extremely satisfied with my purchase.

    I am looking forward to use this little jewel in my next outing !!!

  12. eakdaman (verified owner)

    It’s a fantastic knife! Very rarely do I find knives where I am satisfied with the edge, handle, and sheath out of the box. At best most makers get 2 of the 3 right. This knife has nailed all 3. I will run it over my leather strop a few times and that is it, as this thing is ready to go. The kydex sheath is so much better than most of the cheap leather sheaths which come with most knives. The handle size is perfect for anyone with medium to large hands. This knife will be my go to hunting knife moving forward.

  13. J Bauer (verified owner)

    The Lynx is my first knife from North Arm and will not be my last. The blade is thin enough to efficiently process food in the kitchen but robust enough to be used in the field. People with large hands will appreciate that the handle is sized to accommodate them. Fit and finish is excellent as is the sheath. Ive spent a lot more money on knives that weren’t nearly as nicely executed as the Lynx. Buy with confidence.

  14. Mountain Hunter Society

    The Lynx hunting knife is the ultimate in versatility. Whether it is being used as a camp knife, bush-craft knife or used when breaking down game animals it excels. The hunter orange is our favorite due to its high visibility and ease of location at questionable light hours. The Kydex sheath holds the blade perfectly and leaves you to focus on the task at hand rather than wondering if your knife is still on your belt. We recommend this knife to family and friends and will continue to do so.

    Keep up the amazing work !

    Anthony and Jake
    Mountain Hunter Society

  15. Rod (verified owner)

    Earlier this fall l bought your Lynx hunting knife along with a Kermode fillet knife and have now had a chance to use them on fish and a moose. They both proved to be high quality knives and l just want to thank you for producing these high quality knives at a reasonable price point. I highly recommend your high quality knives and to top it off they are made here in western Canada. Thanks again.

  16. chris broughton

    The first knife i had bought from north arm was the trillium. So impressed with the incredible sharp blade and plunged in and got the alder. Tossed out my existing set and didnt look back. Today i received the lynx and man does it feel good in the handle and cant wait to get it near the water for trout and camping season. Thanks so much guys im a sucker for a quality product. Cant recommend it enough.

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