“Kermode” 9 Inch Fillet Knife

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This knife has a become a favorite amongst those who appreciate a quality fillet knife that will hold its edge through many, many fish. Read more

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Finding a great fillet knife is no easy task, which is probably why we had so many requests to produce one. Our goal was to create a knife for larger fish that had the features users needed most. To do this meant consulting those we consider subject matter experts, namely the outdoors and knife enthusiast communities. So we created threads on three popular forums as well as on our own site, and after months of back and forth exchange and development, followed by excellent final stage prototype reviews by five teams, we put the Kermode into production.

We also offer a 6 inch version of this knife, if you need or want a smaller knife.

The knife takes its name from the creamy-white coated Kermode, or Spirit Bear, a sub-species of the black bear that is native to the BC coastal region. It has been found that in daylight the kermode is 30 percent more efficient at fishing than regular black bears because its reduced contrast with the sky makes it less visible to fish.

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Key features of the knife include:

  • "Polished Stonewash" blade finish, for superior corrosion resistance. See product photo with orange to get an idea of reflectivity.
  • CPM S35VN blade steel for great edge retention and excellent transfer of feel from the fish to the hand when filleting. Both blade thickness and width taper from tip to handle, allowing the perfect amount of blade flex.
  • We put a very refined edge on so it arrives razor sharp and ready to use.
  • Textured handle scales (except carbon fiber which is smooth finished), contoured for good grip even when covered in fish slime. handle materials repel water and fish odours making clean up easy.
  • A molded Kydex sheath that positively engages with the knife for secure and safe storage and protection of the edge. Our standard length belt loop comes with the sheath (extended length loop is optional). Because of the design of the knife we offer only right handed sheaths.
  • swept back tip that allows the knife to be "rolled" through the fish for continuous slicing action
  • virtually indestructible G10 handle scales. Solid carbon fiber scales optional
  • easy edge maintenance with diamond or ceramic butcher's steel. When sharpening is needed, conventional tools are all you need. See our sharpening page for details
  • This is the brief info sheet we include in the box with the Kermode 9".

Maximum Dimensions L x W x H

knife: 13.8" x 1.4" x 0.79" (35.0cm x 3.6cm x 2.0cm)

Maximum blade width

1.0" (2.5cm)

Blade length (tip to handle): 8.8"  (22.4cm)

Weight with G10 handle:

knife: 5.4 oz. (155 grams)
with sheath: 8.0 oz. (225 grams)



5.1 oz. (145 grams) with G10 scales

Sheath (with belt loop): 2.8 oz. (80 grams)

Blade steelCPM S35VN
Blade hardness: HRC 58-60
Blade thickness at spine: 0.062" (1.6.xmm)
Blade Grind: flat
Cutting edge angle (inclusive): 40°

Made in BC

7 reviews for “Kermode” 9 Inch Fillet Knife

  1. Jay Selzler

    From Saskatchewan so I put it hard to work on walleye, Northern Pike and Lake Trout.
    I have had a-lot of different Fillet Knives but this is Definitely my new Favourite.
    Feels good in the hand.
    Great edge retention.
    Worth every penny.

  2. Mark Maftei (verified owner)

    The knife is exactly what I was looking for – no frills, no nonsense, top quality. I found it to be perfectly balanced, and the blade has the perfect curve for long, smooth and efficient cuts. I find most shorter knives too straight and most longer knives too curved, this one is perfect. It holds an edge for a surprisingly long time too. I usually hone every 6-8 fish and run a quick pass over a 6000 stone every dozen or so, but this held up through a couple dozen large salmon with no discernable dulling (although I was just cutting heads and fillets, not steaks).
    The handle is also fantastic – perfect fit even when slippery, so even a light grip still feels firm and comfy. The sheath is also WAY higher quality than what I was expecting.
    I often process dozens of fish a day, sometimes up to 200 at a time. This knife is going to make my life a lot easier :) 10/10, will absolutely recommend with no reservations.

  3. Larry Metz (verified owner)

    I have had 6 trips to Haida Gwaii with this knife and have been left cleaning everyone’s fish on each of them. This marked the end of my second season & my knife is still as good as the day I got it. I have had minimal maintenance with the knife and it still slices through a fish like butter. I would have expected to have had to get a new edge put on it but that is not the case. Simple honing is all that has been needed. I work hard for my fish and meat quality is the most important thing to me. Having a quality knife allows me to have clean cuts and beautiful cuts of meat.

  4. sirrazzal (verified owner)

    I fillet salmon on a daily bases for work. I’ve used everything from f.Dick, to Dexter, to Victorinox, to Wusthof. Nothing compares to my Kermode. Having been a butcher and a knife nerd for the past 8 years, my biggest complaint has been the lack selection of premium steels for meat cutting knives, and while steel isn’t everything, it makes a difference. None of my other knives hold an edge anywhere near as long as this knife does. In addition to the performance, the knife is a work of art. I love the CNC finish on the blade, and apparently I didn’t look at the pictures close enough, because when I received it and saw the groovy little fish scale motif on the G10 I was really pleasantly surprised. I carry all of my knives in one scabbard, but the kydex sheath it comes with is also really nice. I’ve already turned one other coworker onto these knives and hope to turn more.

  5. Marty Ure (verified owner)

    I fillet a lot of salmon and bottom fish and have used many different brands with marginal satisfaction. The two biggest problems:
    1. Steel that won’t hold an edge and requires continual sharpening.
    2. Most have a blade that is too short for my needs.
    I got my Kermode 9” knife a few days ago and used it for the first time today. It was still just as sharp as new after filleting nine salmon! Great knife! A little pricey, but really worth it. Best fillet knife I have ever used…

  6. Grizz (verified owner)

    The kermode fillet knife is the best knife ive used, by far. I have cut numerous yelloweye and ling cod with it, and the edge is still as sharp as a razor. The flex is perfect for skinning and moving around ribcages of bottomfish. This was worth every penny, an utter joy to use.

  7. Joe

    Hands down, the Kermode Fillet Knife is the best fillet knife I have ever used. In my job as a professional fishmonger, this knife stood out from everything I have ever used. Whereas I would have to steel a blade after cutting a fillet, the Kermode would stay sharp after multiple fish fully cut. It has just the right amount of flexibility, yet still retains enough backbone for excellent control while cutting. It’s also made in BC. What more could you ask for?

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