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Knife Sharpening

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Knife Sharpening

If you live in metro Vancouver, BC, we can provide you high quality knife sharpening. We are primarily a knife making company but we do offer a sharpening service to drop-in customers. As knifemakers, we know our way around blade steel and sharpening equipment. We will put a razor sharp edge on your blade by safely removing the minimum amount of steel.

You are welcome to bring your knives by during our regular business hours. We can often sharpen your knives while you wait, but can’t promise it; we prioritize knife production. It is best to call ahead to check how busy we are. If we can’t sharpen your knives while you wait, we try do them within one to two days.

We sharpen all brands of steel knives, either on a high quality electric sharpener, or our knifemaker’s belt grinder, or with waterstones depending on the situation.

For a small extra fee, we can usually grind out edge chips, protruding bolsters or reprofile broken tips if needed . Our electric sharpener allows us to handle either 20° euro or 15° Japanese edge angles and single-side or regular beveled blades. We remove as little metal as possible to restore a fine edge to your knife so you can continue to maintain it at home.


We charge by knife length as in the selections above. For repairs we add on to the sharpening charge in $5 steps: a minor repair is $5 and a bigger repair is $10. We will always get your approval before doing a repair.


  • We do not sharpen serrated or ceramic knives, scissors, axes, or anything else that is not a knife.
  • In general, sharpening is limited to knives 12″ and under (eg we do not sharpen swords or machetes)
  • If we feel we’re not equipped to properly sharpen a knife you bring, we will not attempt it.
  • We do not take on restoration projects like rust removal or significant cleaning
  • This service is drop off and pick-up only.


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