Kermode Seconds: 9″ Fillet Knife with Sheath

$185.00 CAD$255.00 CAD

These are actually not seconds! Rather, they are the S35VN version of the Kermode 9″ knife we sold until Jan 29 2024 on the Kermode 9″ product page. For the remaining stock of the older version, we decided to just list them here until they are sold. Read more

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These Kermode 9″ knives are actually not seconds, rather they are the remainder of the stock we have of the S35VN version of the knife. We are selling these off at the same price they have been listed at for a while now, which is less than the new Magnacut version of the Kermode 9″.

These knives have the original, more flexible, S35VN blade (0.060″ tang thickness), but other than that, they look just like the new version linked above.


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