Trillium Seconds: Paring Knife

$85.00 CAD

Note: our Trillium seconds are now all Magnacut.

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We occasionally have Trillium seconds that are functionally up to spec but do not pass our cosmetic standards related to fit and finish. Still, we want to encourage you to give them a home, so we offer them at a good discount off the regular price. For all product details, see the regular Trillium product description.

If you don’t see any stock for this item, it’s because we haven’t any at the moment. Our standard model without cosmetic flaws is still a good deal for a lifetime knife!

With seconds our process is that you first make an order (as they are openly listed your order reserves the knife for you) . We will then send photos for your acceptance before we ship you the knife. If you don’t accept, we will fully refund you.

All our seconds are covered by our warranty.


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