Kermode 6 Inch Fillet Knife with Kydex Sheath

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Note: The Kermode 6″ fillet knife is now made with CPM MagnaCut.  MagnaCut is an exciting new steel with an interesting backstory. It significantly improves corrosion resistance and toughness from the, already impressive S35VN, steel we’ve used since our beginning. Edge holding is also improved.

Not your typical fillet knife. This one is made to hold its edge a long time. Read more



This is the 6 inch version of the original 9 inch Kermode. We’ve kept the handle the same but reworked the blade for those who like to fillet with a smaller knife on big fish or who just prefer less length when working with smaller fish. With its shorter length and narrower width, this model can also be used comfortably as a boning knife.

The knife takes its name from the creamy-white coated Kermode, or Spirit Bear, a sub-species of the black bear that is native to the BC coastal region. It has been found that in daylight the kermode is 30 percent more efficient at fishing than regular black bears because its reduced contrast with the sky makes it less visible to fish.

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  • made with CPM MagnaCut blade steel for superb edge retention. The blade is available with our standard CNC finish.
  • The Kermode 6" comes with a Kydex sheath and either the standard length belt loop or, optionally, an extended length loop to allow it to carry a bit lower, out of the way of hip straps.
  • standard G10 handle. G10 is incredibly rugged, waterproof and highly stain resistant. Optional fancy carbon fiber handle option. CF is very similar to G10 in durability and water-proofness. The G10 scales have a pattern on the handle for extra grip while the CF scales are left smooth.
  • This is the brief info sheet we include in the box with the Kermode 6". For further information on care and sharpening look at the pages under the "knife care" tab on the menu bar.

Maximum Dimensions L x W x H

11.3" x 1.4" x 0.78" (28.7cm x 3.6cm x 2.0cm)

Maximum blade width

0.8" (2.0cm)

Blade length (tip to handle):

6.25"  (15.9cm)



4.4 oz. (125 grams) with G10 scales

Sheath (with belt loop): 2.6 oz. (75 grams)

Blade steelCPM MagnaCut
Blade hardness: HRC 60-62
Blade thickness at spine: 0.060" (1.5mm)
Blade Grind: flat (CNC milled)
Cutting edge angle (inclusive): 40°

Made in BC

4 reviews for Kermode 6 Inch Fillet Knife with Kydex Sheath

  1. Todd P

    Received the Magnacut version of this 6″ Kermode a couple of days prior to leaving for a spearfishing trip to the Bahamas. I was immediately impressed with the feel of the knife in my hand, balance, handle shape were all good. I spent two weeks with it, filleting and processing dozens of fish from Yellow fin tuna and Wahoo to Lionfish, groupers, snappers and other reef fish. I’ve personally found that the scales on some of the reef fish are very hard on knives, they are much tougher then any of the fish I catch up here in BC. Usually I am hitting a strop every fish and a stone every other day, but with the Magnacut blade, I stropped about 1/2 way through the trip and again on the last day. Knife was still shaving sharp. When I got it home, I proceeded to use the blade while splicing a number of Dyneema ropes, which usually murders knives. The used MAgnacut Kermode easily cut the dyneema much longer then the normal D2 workhorse knife that I usually use, or even my S35 hunting blades. I’ve invested in another Magnacut hunting knife as I was so impressed with durability of the edge.

  2. Kelly

    Love the look and feel of this BC made knife. Primarily fish trout and kokanee, and this knife deals with ease. Probably best to sharpen once in awhile I know, but I’ve gone 3 seasons without any maintenance and it’s still razor sharp. Great from Mike and the crew at North Arm. As mentioned by others, you won’t be disappointed.

  3. Terry Torgerson (verified owner)

    After using low cost fillet knives for years, I purchased a Kermode. I have used it primarily to clean and cut up surf perch and albacore. I must say it completely out-performs any previous fillet knife I have owned and holds an edge very well. It costs more but at this pace it will last for a long, long time.

  4. Ken M. (verified owner)

    I purchased my Kermode 6” this past winter and easily cleaned over fifty Bluegills. The Kermode is still as sharp as the day it arrived. The handle fits my hand like a glove and the stiffness of the blade is superb for filleting. If your looking for a quality fillet knife look no further than a North Arm Kermode you won’t be disappointed.

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