Food preparation knives for the kitchen

Alder 8 Inch Chefs Knife

The Alder 8 inch chefs knife is our nod to classic German and European designs. We’ve combined a rock-chop enabling curve with a superior steel to produce a considerably better knife that what you may be used to from those classics. The … Continued

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Sitka Santoku Knife

The Sitka santoku is our take on the well known Japanese blade style. The relatively thin geometry and gentle edge curve of this 7 inch blade is optimized for slicing and chop cutting. The Sitka has just enough rocker that it’s also very … Continued

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Kermode 9 Inch Fillet Knife with Kydex Sheath

Finding a great fillet knife is no easy task, which is probably why we had so many requests to produce one. Our goal was to create a knife for larger fish that had the features users needed most. To do this meant … Continued

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Kermode 6 Inch Fillet Knife with Kydex Sheath

This is the 6 inch version of the original 9 inch Kermode. We’ve kept the handle the same but reworked the blade for those who like to fillet with a smaller knife on big fish or who just prefer less length when … Continued

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Trillium Paring Knife

We developed the Trillium paring knife for detailed in-hand work and board-cutting of smaller items. A lot of people, including professional chefs, are used to throw-away paring knives. The Trillium is a keeper. Well maintained, it can last a lifetime. The bite … Continued

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