Food preparation knives for the kitchen

“Alder” 8 Inch Chefs Knife
The Alder 8 inch chef's knife is our nod to classic German and European board knives. The exceptional blade steel in this kitchen workhorse makes it a joy to use and surprisingly easy to maintain. Read more
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“Kermode” 9 Inch Fillet Knife
New: this knife has been updated to MagnaCut steel and we've stiffened the blade stock a little. This is a quality fillet knife that will hold its edge through many, many fish. Read more
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“Sitka” Santoku Knife
The Sitka is a light and thin board knife that handles the majority of chopping and slicing tasks effortlessly.  Read more
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“Kermode” 6 Inch Fillet Knife
Not your typical fillet knife. This one is made to hold its edge. For a very long time. Read more
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“Trillium” Paring Knife
If you are tired of throw-away paring knives, our Trillium is for you. Read more
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