Our take on the CBSA flipper knife ban

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As many of you are probably know, there was a recent ruling by the CITT and CBSA that changes the way the CBSA will be interpreting the definition of “centrifugal knife.” As you can see here this new interpretation means that the CBSA is considering any knife that can be “flipped” open with a flipper tab or thumb stud etc. as a prohibited weapon.

The odd thing about the situation is that knife law as stated in the Canadian Criminal Code has not changed. So unless the police across the country (many of whom own flippers) decide that the border agency’s decision should also affect how they enforce the criminal code, nothing should change within the country. Our knife laws mostly treat knives as tools and intent of the user is key: if you are using a knife or threatening to use a knife as a weapon, you will get into trouble; otherwise no-one bothers you.

So at the moment, we have no plans to change anything. Our Skaha production will carry on unless and until something makes it impossible. We do feel bad for all the knife retailers across Canada who will be most impacted. We’ve sent a letter to a bunch of other Canadian knife makers and retailers to start figuring out how we can stand together to challenge CBSA’s rather unilateral decision to block knives from coming in.


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  1. Trevor Williston

    Yeah this is a bunch of B.S. I’m glad to hear someone is doing something to stand up to these ridiculous bans. I like to know how I can help to support this cause in any way? Thank you. Trevor (T.willy on BladeForums )

  2. Fred Donaldson

    I’ve contacted my local MP and the CBSA regarding the issue. CBSA did respond to say that they had received my feedback, so at least it appears they’re listening.

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