Knives for camping, fishing, hunting and other outdoor use

Kermode 9 Inch Fillet Knife with Kydex Sheath

Finding a great fillet knife is no easy task, which is probably why we had so many requests to produce one. Our goal was to create a knife for larger fish that had the features users needed most. To do this meant … Continued

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Lynx Hunting Knife with Kydex Sheath
The Lynx's edge holding is what you need when you're kilometers from the road, it's getting dark and you aren't in the mood to battle with an uncooperative blade. Read more
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Kermode 6 Inch Fillet Knife with Kydex Sheath
Note: we are out of stock on this one but are making more. You can order these anytime and we expect to clear all backorders by the Dec 10th week.
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Mallard Bird and Trout Knife

The mallard is our smallest fixed blade outdoor knife. It excels at the detailed work of processing birds, fish and small game. We also find it very useful for many steps in processing large game, deboning, for example. Besides game … Continued

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