No production process is perfect. We sometimes mess up in a way that makes a knife unsaleable. We often keep those parts around for various types of destructive testing so long as they are suitable.

More often, we may have a slight defect that we know will not affect the performance of the knife but does affect how it looks. It might be an errant nick from a grinder or finishing that erodes a feature it shouldn’t or makes the fit a little less even than we like. In such cases, we feel we really should try to find homes for those knives; “seconds,” we call them. So we offer you an incentive by reducing the price. We sharpen our seconds just like we do our regular knives so you can start enjoyable cutting right out of the shipping box.

Our goal is to never have seconds, but when we do, we will list them. If you don’t see any seconds listed for the model you are interested in, that means we don’t have any at the moment.

We require that you make an order to reserve one of these. We will then send photos for your acceptance before we ship you the knife. If you don’t accept, we will fully refund you. This avoids the situation where someone else orders the knife while you’re waiting for our response.

Regular satisfaction and warranty terms apply to seconds.

Sitka Seconds: 7 inch Santoku

We occasionally have Sitka┬áseconds that are functionally up to spec but do not pass our cosmetic standards related to fit and finish. Still, we want to encourage you to give them a home, so we offer them at significant discount … Continued

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Trillium Seconds: Paring Knife
Note: our Trillium seconds are now all Magnacut.
not rated $79.20 USD$123.20 USD Select options