Preview of our new Fillet Knife

Second round fillet knife prototype with sheath
Second round fillet knife prototype with sheath

Designing with our ears

By listening, that is.

In early September we put out a call on our website and on a variety of forums (including BladeForums, HuntingBC, and BCFishingReports) for user input in designing our next knife model, a fillet knife. We wanted to hear what kind of features and capabilities were on peoples’ radar for this type of knife. We consolidated the many responses into the set of requirements we already had and started our design, continually updating the community on our progress.

We started with four different first-round prototypes, roughed out in S35VN stainless steel, razor sharpened, and fitted with provisional Pacific Yew wood handles. We’ve filleted some sockeye salmon and even carved our (Canadian) Thanksgiving turkey. Then we bench tested them for edge retention and evaluated handle comfort, shape and utility, as well as edge angle, blade width and thickness and numerous other ergonomic factors .

Close up of second round fillet knife prototype and sheath
Close up of second round fillet knife prototype and sheath

Those trials enabled us to consolidate the best of what we found into a second round prototype that we will send to selected beta testers from among the design contributors.


We are planning to have this knife ready for the Portobello West Holiday Market  in Vancouver in late November and possibly sooner online.

  1. Ted

    Looking 2 replace a filleting knife that was a gift many years ago from my distant brother– it has gone walk about!!
    It was an old Dexter Russel – not elegant but functional – I used it 4 Grouse, fish, & Elk N Moose — it was my go to knife & sentiment played a large part!!
    So please tell me about yours — and when available online !! TC