How does your shipping work and what does it cost?

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We can ship to most places but it can get expensive outside of North America. See Costs below. Shipments to Australia and many western European countries that support tracked parcel shipments via national postal systems are fairly straightforward and not outrageously expensive. But even some European destinations are not served by tracked postal systems. In those cases Canada Post uses Fedex and a priority service to do deliveries and tracking and it starts to get outrageous. At that point you have to get creative, as in: do you have a friend in North America who is travelling your way soon?

Customers outside of the USA and Canada should verify before they place an order that the type of knife they are purchasing can be imported to the country where they live. In general, the kitchen and fixed blade knives we sell should not be a problem, but some countries may have rules about maximum blade lengths, or other restrictions, so if you are in doubt, please check the applicable laws in your jurisdiction.


We ship from metro Vancouver British Columbia. Generally the farther away you are the more it costs. We ship primarily via Canada Post (though DHL express is an option for USA orders). Our checkout page does a look-up at Canada Post for exact shipping charges to your address, so you will see immediately the total cost to ship. If the Canada Post website isn’t reachable when you place your order, you will still see a flat rate shipping option for USA and Canada destinations. In such cases we will only charge you what it costs us to ship (usually less than this) and refund the difference to your credit card if it is more than $1.

Within metro Vancouver shipping is usually about $8; other BC locations about $12-15 and other parts of Canada and the USA it’s normally $15-20. To much of western Europe and Australia, shipping costs in the $50-70 CAD range for a single knife and maybe $100 for 5 knives, so it gets less per knife in numbers. For countries not served by tracked postal services, costs can range up to $170 or more for a single knife that may be worth $59, so not practical, unfortunately. You can check shipping costs on our cart page by supplying a country and postal code. If you have other questions please email us.

Free Shipping

For orders of $500 or more to Canadian destinations you will see a free shipping option on the checkout page.

Order Tracking

We only offer trackable type shipping methods. This means that you will get an email with your tracking number and be able to follow its progress to your address.


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