Can you do custom engraving on a knife?

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Yes we can do custom engraving, with some limitations:

  • We charge extra for engraving.
  • The maximum amount of engraving is a few words. It works best if it can be placed fairly near the handle where the knife is most rigid.  If you have something grander in mind, please contact us before you order and we’ll advise if we can do your engraving on the model you are thinking of purchasing.
  • Normally, we only engrave text. You have four font choices: two scripts, a serif and a san serif (click the photo below to enlarge). If you want to engrave a symbol, we may be able to do it, but you would have to contact us with specifics and it will generally cost more because of the extra CAD work involved.

If we have confirmed we can do your engraving and you want to go ahead, just place your order on our website, including your instructions in the order notes area on our checkout page. Be sure to add the engraving fee to your order, one fee for each side of each knife you want engraved. We will send you a proof CAD drawing of where the text will be on the knife and get your final approval. Then we’ll go ahead with the work. It depends on what you’ve ordered and on our workflow, but we can usually turn your order around within a few business days.


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