What are those lines on the bevels of your knives?

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This is likely the most asked question we get about our “CNC finish,” undoubtedly because very few knives look this way. Those lines are made by our computer controlled milling machine. On most knives, the main bevel of the knife is formed by grinding or sanding with an abrasive stone or belt. In contrast, we actually cut the bevel out in tiny steps with our mill. Depending on the model, each successive contour line is between 1 and 2 thousandths of an inch lower than the step above it.

Many people wonder if theses small steps help release food. We have had enough customer feedback to say that on the bigger board knives you may notice slightly better food release (than with our satin blade finish), especially with hard, wet items like potatoes. Based on our own every day use, most food items cut the same regardless of the finish. Perhaps this should be expected given the shallowness of each step and the likelihood that soft, wet foods could simply conform to these shallows.


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