Skaha II Waitlist Signup

New: we have reached a point where we’ve pretty much caught up with all the backlog demand on the Skaha and will soon be testing ways to phase out this waitlist. We will provide an update here again when we have the new system in place, which should be in December some time. In the meantime please continue to sign up. Anyone on the waitlist when we convert over will be notified of the change.

Use the form below to add yourself to the waitlist for the Skaha II folding knife.

You can also use this form to check if you are already on the list (if you are already on the list the form will come back with “you are already registered“).

After you click join, a message will pop up saying that a confirmation email has been sent.  Immediately check for our email in your inbox, spam and gmail promotions folders. You must then click the confirm link in that email to complete your registration and verify that you own the email address you used to join the list. 

Check your wait time

Assuming you are already on the waitlist, as you confirmed above, you can get an estimate for how long you still have to wait by sending an email to [email protected]. Set a non-blank Subject and enter some words into the email body (this helps get it past our inbound spam filter). This is an auto-responder that will mail you back an estimate. We will update estimates about once per month, which means that if you just signed up, the auto-responder will tell you that you could not be found on the list. So give it some time. Please don’t email us to ask for an estimate.

We will email you with ordering instructions when your turn does come up.