How does your handle attachment work?

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Many of our customers seem curious about our handle attachment system, probably because they can see that the handles have screw heads instead of rivet heads, but they don’t quite get how the attachment works.

Our handles are typically attached at two or three points to the blade tang. Each of these points uses three parts: a flat head screw on each side and a round “standoff” inside that accepts the screws at each end. The standoff fits accurately to a matching hole in the tang and protrudes enough from the surface on each side to align the handle scales. The screws tighten from each side, threading into the standoff.

We attach our handles with screws so that they can be easily replaced or upgraded, as might be the case if a handle is damaged or the customer wants to switch to a different handle colour or material. Contact us if this is something you need and we’ll let you know what’s available. Most customers, however, should treat our knives as if they had riveted-on handles; there should normally be no need to remove handles and we don’t advise it because the parts are easy to lose.