An off-spec knife is one that didn’t come out as intended. Most often it’s due to waviness in our thinner blades that can happen during heat treat. We do not anticipate that you will even notice the difference in performance between these and a first grade knife. You get a less than pristine knife for at a significant discount.

We require that you make an order to reserve one of these. We will then send photos for your acceptance before we ship you the knife. If you don’t accept, we will fully refund you. This avoids the situation where someone else orders the knife while you’re waiting for our response.

No returns or warranty available on these though.

Off-spec Short Fillet Knife with Sheath

First, see our regular short fillet knife product description. We occasionally have off-spec fillet knives that didn’t work out right for some reason. Most often that’s because the thin blade comes out a bit wavy after heat treat. Performance may be slightly affected. Still, they’re … Continued

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