Skaha Waitlist Signup

NOTE: We recently changed our estimating algorithm to account for our increasing production capacity and customer ordering patterns. You should see a decreased wait time estimate from what it was in early October. 2021.

Use the form below to add yourself to the waitlist for the Skaha II folding knife.

You can also use this form to check if you are already on the list (after you click join, it will come back with “you are already registered“).

After you click join, we will immediately send a confirmation email. You must click the confirm link in that email to complete your registration and verify that you own the email address you used to join the list.  If you don’t see our email, please check your spam folder. To help our mails get past your spam filter, we suggest adding “” to your email contact list (or otherwise whitelisting our address, depending on which email service you use).

Check your wait time

Assuming you are already on the waitlist, as you confirmed above, you can get an estimate for how long you still have to wait by sending an email to Set the Subject of the email to “Check Waitlist” and enter some text into the email body (this helps get it past our inbound spam filter). This is an auto-responder that will mail you back an estimate. As mentioned above, you may want to add to your contacts to avoid it being sent to spam.

We will update estimates about once per month, which means that if you just signed up, the auto-responder will tell you that you could not be found on the list. So give it some time. Please don’t email us to ask for an estimate.

We will email you with ordering instructions when your turn does come up.