Skaha II pocket knife option to order list

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Put your name in the queue

In an effort to make ordering a Skaha II pocket knife as fair and stress-free as we can, we’ve created an option-to-buy list. The sign-up form for it is linked in blue below.

Demand for this knife is a lot bigger than supply, so rather than holding your money for too long, this sign-up gets you on the list, which will be processed in the order received. We will send out emails approximately once per month to a set of people from the top of the list, providing instructions how to place their order.

Please click here to get to the form.


10 Responses

    • John Gudmundson

      Hi Phil, Sorry, no purple. We did have a few colors we tried for a while and then discontinued: tan, purple, red and DayGloYellow. We are quite happy with the 5 colors of G10 we have now and hope to keep them stable for a while. It doesn’t mean that we won’t use some of the old colors again or try new ones, but for now there are no plans to change the lineup.

      • Philip Smith

        Thanks for the reply. That’s too bad, I had been waiting for the new version to order a purple one. I’ll have to see if there’s another color that appeals to me.

      • Mike M

        I’m also disappointed that the only bright color is now hunter orange. Having an easy to spot knife is a functional choice, but it gets kind of boring when every knife has the same colour orange handle. I’ll still get one when my name comes up on the list, but I hope you are able to expand your selection in the future.

        • John Gudmundson

          If we had 30 colors, someone would ask for something we didn’t have. We do offer bright blue but still may consider offering the neon green if we get more requests for it.

  1. Joe

    Are there plans to add an option for left hand carry?

    • John Gudmundson

      Yes, we do want to do this sometime over the next few months once production of the Skaha II is well underway and we can devote time to the design. Stay tuned on Instagram or sign up for our newsletter if you haven’t already

  2. Michael Rogers

    Thanks for the option for people who are literally crazy over your knives, I may be one of them. Than you, cant wait to get the opportunity to get one of your knives.

    • John Gudmundson

      You never know. Anyone have experience with how long white G10 stays white?