Off-Spec Chefs Knife

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First, see our regular 8 inch chef’s knife product description.

We occasionally have some off-spec chef’s knives which are ones that didn’t work out right for some reason. Usually it’s during heat treat where a thin blade might come out with a slightly wavy edge. It may only be a few thousandths of an inch, but it means the knife doesn’t sharpen symmetrically on both sides. Sharpening life may be reduced and cuts may not be as even.

Still, they’re too good to just throw away, so if you don’t mind a potentially reduced function at a really great price, one of these may be for you. To avoid surprises we will send you a picture of the knife you will get, pointing out the issue with it so you have the option to change or cancel your order if it doesn’t appeal to you.

We offer no warranty or satisfaction refund on off-spec products.


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