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Wiha MicroBit Torx Screwdriver Set

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Note: the photos show 8 bits with the handle. Since the picture was taken we’ve added a T9 to fill out the set, so there are now 9 bits in the handle (packed like sardines). Photos to be updated soon.

Wiha is a German maker of high quality hand tools. This is a System 4 (4mm hex drive) MicroBit screwdriver set consisting of a well built aluminum driver with a magnetic bit holder and bit storage in the barrel. The bits are made in Germany, though the same is not claimed for the driver. We have extended the original Wiha 75985 set of six Torx bits (T3, T4, T5, T6, T7, T8) with three additional sizes (T9, T10 and T15) to cover all the Torx sizes used on our models and more. You end up with a pretty complete set for working on folding knives, electronics etc. The driver handles well and knurling on the barrel enables plenty of torque for small screws. The pocket clip is removable. We are definitely impressed with this tool.

Maximum Dimensions L x W (w/o bit installed): 4.4″ x 0.6″  (11.2cm x 1.5cm)



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