Alder 8 Inch Chefs Knife

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The Alder 8 inch chef’s knife is our nod to classic German and European board knives. The exceptional blade steel in this kitchen workhorse makes it a joy to use and surprisingly easy to maintain. Read more



The Alder 8 inch chefs excels at all the mincing, chopping and slicing tasks normally expected of a cutting board knife (use a cleaver or saw for bones and breaking down frozen foods). What distinguishes the Alder is its blade, made with CPM S35VN stainless steel, known for its superior edge retention. This particle metallurgy steel puts the Alder in the upper echelons of kitchen knives; once you’ve used it, you’ll know what we mean. Regular honing with a diamond or ceramic steel should keep it tomato-slicing sharp, but if you do need to sharpen, conventional abrasive tools are all you need.

The Alder comes standard with practically indestructible G10 composite handles which are waterproof and highly stain resistant. If you want a fancier look, we now offer this model with a carbon fiber handle. The CF is a little lighter than the G10.

The Alder takes its name from the Red Alder, an under-appreciated west coast deciduous tree that is now finding more uses in cabinetry and woodworking. Native peoples of the coast are known to have used its bark to make a red dye.

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  • the Alder comes with our rather unique CNC blade finish in which the machining lines remain on display.  More on our blade finishes
  • virtually indestructible G10 epoxy/fiberglass handle scales. Carbon fiber scales optional extra.
  • superb edge holding made possible by the CPM S35VN blade steel (3% vanadium, 1.4% carbon etc)
  • easy edge maintenance with diamond or ceramic butcher's steel. When sharpening is needed, conventional tools are all you need. See our sharpening page for details
  • this is the brief info sheet we include in the box with the Alder


Maximum Dimensions L x W x H:  13.1" x 1.9" x 0.81" (33.3cm x 4.8cm x 2.1cm)
Blade length (tip to handle): 8.2"  (20.8cm)
Weight: G10: 7.8 oz. (220 grams)

Blade steelCPM S35VN
Blade hardness: HRC 58-60
Blade thickness at spine: 0.095" (2.4mm)
Blade Grind: flat (CNC milled)
Cutting edge angle (inclusive): 30°

Made in BC

5 reviews for Alder 8 Inch Chefs Knife

  1. mike bajsel (verified owner)

    I think I’ve had this knife for about 2 years and I think it’s only fair to have something for at least a few months or longer before reviewing.

    The knife holds its edge extremely well and have only been honing it with 1-2 minor sharpening sessions…however as of 8/2/20 I think I’m gonna have to finally sharpen it properly as it’s pretty dull and barely slices through onions (and that’s if I put in a bit of force now)

    There has been no corrosion although I did leave water on it to dry once and there is a ring on the blade somewhere close to the edge, however this is only cosmetic and doesn’t matter in the least bit to me.

    While it matters to some and not to all, the knife was extremely sharp out of the box and flying through magazine paper like on some of these Youtube cutlery demonstration channels. Keep in mind though, you may want to get a slightly harder than normal whetstone to sharpen this at home regularly while also getting either a strop or a ceramic honer. This knife is in the range of 58-60 Rockwell (the rating for hardness in knives) so one should expect to get faster wear from some of these whetstones that were meant for softer knives.

    0 chipping on my knife so far, and the handle is holding up perfectly as well. Love this knife and I’m gonna be ordering one for my friend soon as a wedding present. Thanks!

  2. Bert

    Have been using this knife + the parer for about 4 months now.

    I have only needed to sharpen them once in that time, edge durability is very good.

    Stain/rust resistance is also fine, much better than some otherwise excellent knive I own made of carbon steel, “CarboNext” and other semi stainless steels.

    As far as toughness, I don’t really abuse these but have run them up against chicken, pork and beef bones during boning of roasts plus used the parer to debone chicken legs while preping ballantine of chicken. No chipping so far.

    Unless I’m slicing large roasts, wider than the length of this blade or preping more than a gallon of veges at a time, this is the knife I usually reach for, along with the North Arm parer.

    I have cooked professionaly, owned German knives (all were tempered too soft, usually forged too heavy, many had useless, heavy, fat bolsters), Japanese knives (mostly are great cutters with good ergonomics but edges were often so hard with thin grinds they are vulnerable to chipping and overly delicate, even some semi stainless variants are also not sufficiently corrosion resistant for “real world”).

    These North Arm knives strike an optimum ballance between hardness, toughness, corrosion resistance, ease of sharpening, thinness & bevel angle of blades and ergonomic sensible handle geometry. About perfect, best choice for my money.

  3. Cory

    A few years back I was in the market for new, higher end knives to replace my first just-moved-out set. I ran into North Arm at a craft fair and I have purchased over the years, and am very happy with, both the chef’s knife and the paring knife and I am looking forward to adding the fillet knife to my roster. I find the knives I have to be very comfortable in the hand, stand up to every job I’ve thrown at them so far, keep an edge very well, and just all around be fun to use in the kitchen.

  4. Yi

    This masterpiece exceeds all my expectations for a 8 inch Chef’s Knife. It’s well balanced and feels like a natural extension of my arm. Thanks for the great Canadian product.

  5. Ken Bryden

    I have had a blue handled 8″ knife since August of 2014. I have yet to sharpen it although I hone with a ceramic rod hone about once a month. This knife is fantastic and is virtually as sharp as the day I bought it. It is a joy to use every time, and I know will last a 100 years if it is properly looked after. These knives are worth every dollar you pay for them, and if you buy the right knife for what you need, you won’t be disappointed.

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