Knife-related products

Pocket clip for Skaha II

This is the standard clip we make for the Skaha II pocket knife. We offer it as a replacement part if you’ve damaged the original. It’s made from 17-7 stainless wire which is a heat treatable grade. The clip comes … Continued

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Wiha 26710 Torx T10 Screwdriver

This Wiha torx T10 screwdriver is one of the two sizes needed to work on our Skaha folding knife. We use T10 size heads on both the Skaha’s pivot screws, and although the pivot pin is free turning, we find that one … Continued

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Knife Oil for Folding Knives
Note: we are low in stock on this item. More is on order.
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Wiha 75350 1-16th Inch Driver Bit

This Wiha System 4 (4mm hex drive) 1-16th Inch driver bit is the hex driver size we use on the majority of our knife handle screws. It fits the multibit driver set we sell so we thought it would be an obvious … Continued

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